Apiproduktai.com: this page introduces distribution of high-quality natural Lithuanian Bee products.

Honey, Propolis, Pollen, Bee Bread, Wax, Royal Jelly and Venom are the products which are necessary in order to maintain the life and working capacity of bees and are also very useful for a human being.

Bee products are a reliable factor which creates and strengthens the motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone, who wants to live healthy and long, needs scientific knowledge regarding bee products and the benefit thereof like bread, air and water. Using them, a human being not only may live long and protect oneself from diseases but also to get well sooner when one becomes ill.

Lithuania is a young country with a rich historical past, deep customs and culture as well as sincere and diligent people. Located on the southeastern side of the Baltic See, it is a country of the European Union with a quickly changing and developing economy today which can offer top-quality products, especially in the agricultural field.

Lithuania has got a natural, very rich, ecologically clean and beautiful nature with honey plants which are prevalent in the northern countries. This forms the foundation for the high quality of our bee products. (Rich nature presents the possibility to produce top-quality, clean and natural bee products.) Our products are also full of active substances necessary for maintaining the sense of wellbeing and strong health of a human being. Their composition is rich in various chemical compounds (necessary for the human organism), vitamins, microelements, mineral substances, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and various acids.

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