We have been working face to face with bee keepers and customers for 15 years already and we are experienced in delivering top-quality products. We buy bee products directly from apiaries; therefore, we can guarantee quality, be responsible for the manufacturing and delivery chain from the apiary to our customer. We also guarantee traceability of products and solve the problems which arise in any stage of manufacturing–storage–delivery. Each batch has an identification number. 

We have implemented the requirements of the HACCP standard pursuant to the applicable legal documents of the EU and Lithuania. Products are delivered to the customers with all necessary certificates in line with the need and the requirements of international trade.
We deliver raw products, semi-manufactured goods and final goods which are used by the companies in the field of trade, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food supplements, cosmetics and food industry.

Lithuania is an ecologically clean country having high bee-keeping culture and customs. The products we deliver comply with the highest quality standards and requirements and meet the strictest requirements and needs of the customers. They are natural, without any further thermal and chemical processing. More importantly, they are free from heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, toxins, GMO and microbiological pollution. They have excellent organoleptic characteristics, good market appearance and are distinguished by an original aroma and taste typical to this region. They are full of biologically active substances, antioxidants, phenolic compounds, various acids, vitamins, microelements and mineral substances. Our company constantly tests and analyzes its products in order to discover everything they have best and exceptional compared to others. We perform detailed laboratory tests in specialized Lithuanian and foreign laboratories of bee products on each batch of the products to be sold.

  • For Propolis (heavy metals Pb, Cd, Hg, pesticides, aflatoxins, antibiotics, dithiocarbamates and thiuram disulphides, microbiological pollution, flavonoids, physical-chemical composition, oxidation rate).
  • For Pollen (heavy metals, microbiological pollution, moisture, mechanical impurities, botanical composition, protein, flavonoids, oxidation rate).
  • For Bee Bread (heavy metals, microbiological pollution, moisture, protein, flavonoids, oxidation rate, wax).
  • Honey (colour, moisture, HMF, electrical conductivity, antibiotics, diastase, acidity, pollen).

On request of the customers, we can perform highly specific quality tests confirming high value of the products.
There are over 50 species of plants from the blossoms of which bees collect nectar, pollen and propolis in the nature of Lithuania. These are the blossoms of various species of trees, bushes, plants of meadows and natural nature which grow in this region. Lithuanian bee products are unique due to the high variety of blossoms and northern geographical position. They are characterized by exceptional quality, taste and aroma typical to this region only. They are a real source of energy and health for people of various ages.

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