One of the main products of ours is Lithuanian Propolis. We deliver several types of it.

1. Raw Propolis – two types: Crude and Mesh Propolis.


It is a unique and natural product. It is a complicated combination of physiologically active substances. It contains a lot of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, mineral substances, vitamins and other substances. There is no food analog in the nature which would equal it in respect of the composition of all components necessary for the development and functioning of a normal organism.

BEE BREAD / PERGA (fermented Pollen)

Bee Bread is Pollen collected by bees, stored in the cells of the honeycomb and intended to be the resources of protein food of the bee family. Inside the beehive, Pollen compressed in the cells of the honeycomb is affected by fermentation processes as a result of which Pollen turns into Bee Bread. It is a mixture of Honey and Pollen which contains a lot of secretion produced by the glands of bee organism. Fermentation processes take place in the bread due to them as a result of which the ratios of the components thereof change and new substances are formed.

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