We deliver top-quality natural bee products from a country of the Baltic region – Lithuania. The company “APIPRODUKTAI” has long record of activity in the past and today positioning as one of the leaders in this business in Lithuania and the Baltic States. We deal with all bee products: Propolis, Pollen, Bee Bread, Bees wax, Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom.

The company LTD “APIPRODUKTAI” is an exporter of Lithuanian Propolis, Bee Bread and Bee Pollen to the countries of the EU and the CIS. It began its activities in 1996 and specialized in dealing in high-quality bee products and honey with pharmaceutical, food industry and cosmetics companies. We have accumulated a lot of experience during this period; we deliver tested products in the form of raw materials, semi-manufactured goods and final goods.

We can be a reliable and professional partner of yours by offering our products and experience as well as generating top-quality products needed by the market and customers. We can deliver from small to large batches of products at a competitive price and select the best transportation variants.

Honey, Pollen, Bee Bread, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Bee Venom are the products which are necessary in order to maintain the life and working capacity of bees but they are also very useful for a human being. The interest in bee products is increasing, since their curative, prophylactic and strengthening characteristics are more effective than most synthetic preparations. It has been proven that they are not harmful to the human organism, they may be used natural.

Bee products have a lot of essential advantages over synthetic preparations: they are practically non-toxic, have no undesired side effects, are characterized by high effectiveness and complex positive effect on the human organism. 

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